Cruz: Trump Parachutes In Like Mick Jagger, Gives A Performance and Leaves

Wednesday, Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) likened opponent Donald Trump to the Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger, arguing he likes to “show up at a football stadium, give some performance and then leave” at a press availability in Indianapolis, IN.

Cruz said, “The people of Indiana have good sense. The people of Indiana have good judgment. The people of Indiana I don’t believe are simply going to say Manhattan has spoken. Therefore, we must get behind a New York liberal. I don’t believe the people of Indiana want to do that. And I think anyone who wants to be elected president owes it to the voters to do what I’m doing here. Heidi and I, we are barnstorming the state. We are on a bus tour traveling the state to look voters in the eyes, to answer their questions, to show the humility to subject yourself to the scrutiny of Hoosiers. Donald Trump doesn’t like to do that. Donald Trump likes to parachute in like Mick Jagger show up at a football stadium, give some performance and then leave. Well, this country isn’t a reality show. And if Donald Trump thinks he’s too good to answer questions from the men and women of Indiana, that conveys something.

He continued, “It’s now been 48 days since the last Republican debate. 48 days. the Democrats have debated. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have both demonstrated more humility than Donald Trump in that they have subjected themselves to the scrutiny of the voters. I believe the people of Indiana deserve a debate. I’ve accepted two debate invitations here in Indiana to be hosted here in Indiana to give Hoosiers the chance to compare. to make this choice. I think that is a simple act of respect to the voters. But it’s been 48 days. And I would note, by the way, every time there’s been a debate, whichever network has hosted it, has made millions of dollars. Has anyone noticed that even though the networks stand to lose millions of dollars by not having a debate, that the news is utterly silent on there being no debates? Have you noticed that, that FOX News, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, they stand to make millions and yet they do not say a word about the absence of debates. It almost makes you think the network executives are happy with Donald Trump being the front-runner and they know that in a debate he doesn’t have any answers to how you bring jobs back to America. He doesn’t have any answers as to how you keep this country safe. Since the network execs want Hillary Clinton to be the president, they’re perfectly happy not to have a debate, which would generate enormous revenue to them. At the end of the day, this is about the people of Indiana.”

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