Trump: ‘I’d Try and Keep’ Foreign Aid to Pakistan — ‘It’s Not That Much’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said that he would “try and keep” the “not that much” amount of foreign aid the United States gives to Pakistan and with regards to humanitarian aid he “would try so hard to keep some of these countries going” but that the United States is “a debtor nation” on Wednesday’s “On the Record” on the Fox News Channel.

When asked about what he would do with foreign aid to a country like Pakistan said that, “[T]he problem with Pakistan — I mean, they have nuclear weapons, and — which is a real problem. Again, the single biggest problem, we have nuclear weapons. … But it’s semi-unstable and we don’t want to see total instability. And it’s not that much, relatively speaking. And we have a little bit of a good relationship. And I think I’d try and keep it, and that’s very much against my grain to say that, but, a country — and that’s always the country I think, if we give them money, we help them out, but if we don’t, I think that would go on the other side of the ledger, and that could really be a disaster. At the same time, if you look at India and some of the others, maybe they will be helping us out, because we’re going to look at it, but we have many, many countries that we give a lot of money to, and we get absolutely nothing in return. And that’s going to stop fast.”

When asked if he “would cut would you cut out giving some of this humanitarian aid to these countries that are hurting?” Trump answered, “I would try so hard to keep some of these countries going, but Greta, we are a debtor nation. We are sitting on a bubble like you wouldn’t believe. We owe $19 trillion.”

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