Bill Kristol: I’m A Never Trump Guy, But ‘I’ll Say Never Say Never’

Monday on Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show,” Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, who is a self-described member of the “never Trump” movement, was asked if there’s anything GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump could do to win him over. Kristol said he was “never Trump,” but added a “never say never” caveat.

Kristol said, “For me it’s more of a matter of character. I don’t know that you can change your character at age 69, and given the things he’s said even very recently about other people, the way he demeans other people. But I mean, I guess never say never. On the one hand, I’ll say never Trump, and on the other hand, I’ll say never say never and I’ll leave it ambiguous.”

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