Jane Sanders: Trump Won’t Win Over Bernie’s Supporters

Tuesday on MSNBC while discussing Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s claim he could win with Sanders voters in a general election against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) wife Jane Sanders said she does not believe Trump will win over her husband’s supporters.

Sanders said, “I tend to not agree with that. I think that there is agreement on trade and very strong disagreement with Secretary Clinton on trade. But across the board, No. I mean on foreign policy he, as Secretary Clinton said, his ideas are scary.”

She added, “On the other hand when you look at the best commander in chief, you look at somebody with the judgment not to vote for the Iraq war, to do a number of the things that he did as senator. We disagree with the military intervention stance and regime change attitude Secretary Clinton has. So of the three of them, I believe, not surprisingly, that Bernie would be the best commander in chief and a lot of people agree with us.”

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