Trump: Romney ‘Ungrateful’ for My Help in 2012; ‘I Helped Him Win Five States’

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” likely presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said the GOP’s 2012 presidential nominee Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA), who has been a vocal part of the so-called “Never Trump” movement, was “ungrateful” because in 2012 Trump said he “helped him win five states.”

Trump said, “Well, here’s the story. I helped Mitt a lot. I raised a lot of money for him. I ruined the carpet in my apartment, we had so many people come. We had two fund-raisers because there were so many people for his wife, who is a fantastic woman, by the way. I had these fund-raisers in my apartment. They called me for help. I did robocalls. speeches, everything, during the primary season, during the election season. They should have used me in Florida. He would have won Florida, but they had this campaign manager, Stuart whatever, who didn’t like Donald Trump. He thought Donald Trump was too tough and too controversial and don’t use him. So they didn’t use me. That was okay. When it came down to the convention, I wasn’t a part of the convention. That was okay. What happened is I was rough on Mitt because I didn’t think they treated me properly. I helped him, really helped him, gave him a lot of money, helped him with robocalls, every single robocall I made, he won that state. Every single speech I made, he won the state in terms of the primaries. When it came time to the general election, I waited for the call. I didn’t care. If they don’t want to call me, that’s okay. If I would have been asked to help him in Florida, you saw what I did in Florida. I would have helped him.”

He continued, “I believe I won him or helped him win five states.”

He added, “A lot of people are ungrateful, but he was ungrateful. They did not respond accordingly, and that’s OK. ”

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