Billionaire GOP Donor: ‘Very Disappointed’ In GOPers Like Ryan Not Supporting Trump, Trump’ll ‘Moderate A Lot of His Views’

Hubbard Broadcasting CEO and billionaire GOP donor Stanley Hubbard said he is “very disappointed” in Republicans, such as House Speaker Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI), Mitt Romney, and the Bush family who have refused to support presumptive nominee Donald Trump and that he thinks Trump “will moderate a lot of his views” on Monday’s “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” on the Fox Business Network.

Hubbard said of Wall Street donations to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, “[I]t tells me some people vote for their own good rather than for the country’s good, and they’re giving money to Hillary because they think she’ll be president.”

He added, “I’m a team player, Neil, and I — all my candidates dropped out one by one, and now we have Donald Trump, and I’m a team player, and I’m going to tell you something, do you want to have Hillary Clinton appoint a new Supreme Court justice, or would you rather have Donald Trump do it? It’s [a] really easy answer for me. We’re team players, we stick with the team, and we don’t take the ball and go home because the game didn’t end the way we wanted it.”

Hubbard further stated of Republicans who have said they won’t support Trump, “I’m very disappointed. I mean, Mitt Romney was a terrible candidate, didn’t understand how to reach the common person. And I’m disappointed in the Bushs, because it didn’t go their way, so they’re going to take their ball and go home. … I think it’s terrible. you give your word [to support the nominee], you keep your word.”

He continued, “Did I approve all of that Donald Trump did or what he said? No. But he’s our candidate, and he’ll be a heck of a lot better than Hillary Clinton.”

Hubbard further stated that criticisms of Trump that he is pivoting and not a true conservative were “Bologna.”

He added, “I don’t think Trump’s a fool. He’s proven he’s a winner. And although he wasn’t my favorite candidate, I think he will moderate a lot of his views, and I think he’s still our best choice. And if we leave him, we’re going to have Hillary as president, simple as that.”

Hubbard concluded of Trump, “I didn’t like the way he comported himself either. I think it was pretty disgusting, and it sent a wrong message to our kids. But the bottom line is, do we like him or don’t we like him is beside the point. The question is, who’s going to do the best job for America? And I think Donald Trump.”

(h/t The Hill)

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