GOP Rep Zinke: America Has Spoken — They Don’t Want A Politician

Tuesday on Fox Business Network’s “Cavuto: Coast to Coast,” former SEAL Team Six commander Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-MT) said the Republican Party should unite around the presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump because he said, “The American people have spoke.”

Zinke said, “The nominee is Donald Trump. He is our nominee. It was decisive. And we are going to have to rally behind him.”

He continued, “A lot of it is the leadership team around him. I’ll go back to Ronald Reagan, a good candidate became a great president. A lot of it was the people he had around him. And I think we are all looking at what that leadership team is going to look like with Donald Trump. The American people have spoke. The Republican party has spoke. And who’s the Republican party?  Those who vote Republican. We’re in an inclusive party. A lot of ideas, young, old, women, Latino, and the — the American Republican party has spoken. It is Donald Trump. So it’s now rally the troops around Donald Trump, make sure he has a good advising staff on it, and I follow very closely on foreign policy. If you think that Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy, one of her key advisors, you know, help put together the Iranian deal, you know, that is a look at what a policy under Clinton would be.”

He added, “We have to unite. And I think clearly Mr. Trump is not a politician. And I think America has spoken. They don’t want a politician.”

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