Gutierrez Predicts ‘an Early Night Next November’ — Coalition of the Disparaged Will Sweep Trump

Thursday on MSNBC, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) said women, Hispanics and Muslims will converge and defeat presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in what Gutierrez predicted would be “an early night next November.”

Gutierrez said Trump “is the new face of the Republican party. He came. He triumphed and he left, right? And he now speaks for every member of the House of Representatives and he is the president, the leader of the Republican party. He’s the new face. It’s the Trump party now and it’s something they’re going to have to deal with.”

He continued, “We stand up for Planned Parenthood and we stand up for women’s rights. We stand up for equality in marriage and our gay and lesbian brothers. We stand up because black lives do matter in this country. We stand up for our immigrant community. We stand up for those who believe that global warming is not a myth. That it’s real. And that in America, we should have a basic civil rights movement. Look. All of those people are converging. They are all going to coalesce come next November. And the Republican party basically says, ‘A la, Trump, No.’ The Muslim community is organizing. All those disparaged groups, they really make up an emerging new American majority. And they’re going to let their voices be heard. We’re going to do our part. Everyone is doing their part. Right? And in the end, you’re going to see — it’s going to be an early night next November. You’re not going to be coming home late and waking up the next day because you had to work in the late hours. It’s going to be an early election night. It’s going to be quite a sweep of Democrats across this country. Not because of the Democratic party per say but because of all of these different groups coming together.”

He added, “The voter registration machine that they are creating because of their words and hateful filled words of bigotry and hatefulness are going to have consequences come November.”

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