Judith Miller on Trump-Stephanopolous Interview: ‘Donald Trump Is a Bully’

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Happening Now,” while discussing the heated exchange on Friday’s morning’s Good Morning America, between George Stephanopoulos and presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Judith Miller said Trump is a “bully,” who will have to release his taxes.

Miller said, “He also said George Stephanopoulos kept a secret he hadn’t disclosed. I think the entire world knows about George Stephanopoulos’ prior work as communications director. I think what was a little more problematic was the contributions to the Clinton Foundation and for that there was talk within his network. This is vintage Donald Trump. Let us not lose track of what is going on. Donald Trump is a bully and he is going to go after the media or anyone who asks tough questions. I admire Stephanopoulos for just honing in and not backing off. We have to prepare ourselves. Donald Trump does not like us, Hillary Clinton does not like us, we have to make sure we continue doing what we do and ask tough questions.”

She added, “When you are running for president you do not have the right not to release your taxes. People have done it, candidate have done it for many years. Donald Trump knows he’s going to have to do it. And as Timothy O’Brien who wrote his book about Donald Trump, saying he is not worth anything close to what he claims he is worth, and the campaign is built around being a successful businessman. This is going to be painful but yes we have to continue insisting on it.”

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