Maher: Whether Or Not To Support Trump Is ‘What Did You Do During the War?’ Moment for GOP

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher argued that the decision whether or not to support presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is a “what did you do during the war daddy?” Moment for Republicans on Friday.

Maher said, while discussing Republicans debating whether or not to support Trump, “[I]t is sort of, what did you do during the war, daddy? Moment for them.”

He added, “[I]f the position was reversed, and there is no real Democratic equivalent to Donald Trump, the closest I can think of is Kanye West, but if the Democrats put up Kanye West, and the other side put up Mitt Romney, I’d be like, yeah, I don’t like Mitt Romney, I disagree with everything, but he’s a normal human being, I would vote for Mitt Romney.”

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