Fmr People Magazine Reporter: Trump Behind ‘John Miller’ Leaks

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File,” former People magazine reporter Sue Carswell, now with Vanity Fair, discussed her encounter with Donald Trump spokesman John Miller in the 1990s and the newly released audio of a conversation that may show Trump posing as that spokesman.

Carswell denied having leaked that audio to The Washington Post and suggested it was Trump who was behind the leak.

Transcript as follows:

KELLY: Joining me now Sue Carswell. She worked at People back when that tape was recorded and now she’s a research reporter for Vanity Fair. Sue, great to see you.

CARSWELL: Nice to see you Megyn.

KELLY: What the hell?

CARSWELL: What the hell, hometown girl?

KELLY: So you believe it was Trump. He faked it, he faked being a PR person.

CARSWELL: Well, he apologized afterwards and said he was sorry.

KELLY: So he admitted to you.

CARSWELL: Yes, I mean in another phone call, but not during, obviously during the conversation.

KELLY: Did you say why did you do that?

CARSWELL: Yeah, I mean, and he had no explanation. He just moves conversations, you know, conversations along.

KELLY: So you call up Marla Maples and say, “Is this is Trump? Was this Trump? He says he’s John Miller.

CARSWELL: Well, I was trying to be a little bit more delicate.

KELLY: What happened when you did that.

CARSWELL: She cried.

KELLY: So he was saying I didn’t want to give her a commitment.

CARSWELL: Yeah, and he talked about, you know, Madonna being after him and Kim Basinger and just everyone calling. Carla, I mean — who didn’t call?

KELLY: What did you — and then he took you out after this?


KELLY: As a form of apology for fooling you.

CARSWELL: With Marla and another editor from “People” magazine.

KELLY: So — okay. So that happened, and then when you heard him deny it because he’s still denying it this morning on the “Today Show,” what was your reaction?

CARSWELL: I think he should come clean and apologize to me now.

KELLY: Because now it’s suggesting that you misled us.

CARSWELL: Yeah, that I’m lying. I’m not lying.

KELLY: His denial was, you know, it was — that doesn’t sound like me. It’s interesting because if somebody called me up and said, you call and pretend to be your P.R. person. I would say no, I never did. I have never done something like that, ever. I wouldn’t say that doesn’t sound like me.


KELLY: So, you don’t believe him. We’re you surprised to see him misleading?

CARSWELL: No, I’m not surprised to see him misleading, of course not. I mean, I would probably be a little shocked that this came into my life, but then the main thing here is that I didn’t leak the tape and there are two people on the conversation.

KELLY: What? Wait, you taped it because you’re a reporter doing the job.

CARSWELL: Yeah, and I lost the tape.

KELLY: Were you the only one with a copy of the tape?


KELLY: When did you lose it?

CARSWELL: Back 25 years ago.

KELLY: Would somebody have stolen it?

CARSWELL: No. It was in my house and then I moved apartments.

KELLY: So, who else would have had a copy of the tape?

CARSWELL: Donald Trump.

KELLY: Wait a minute, so you’re suggesting — you’re suggesting Trump leaked this to the Washington Post?



CARSWELL: You got me. He has done stranger things.

KELLY: Because he loves publicity?


KELLY: So you’re suggesting that he may want us talking about this right now because it generates a new cycle, perhaps?

CARSWELL: Hello, Donald.


KELLY: Sue, it’s been fascinating. Thank you. I will he see you up in Albany, our mutual hometown.

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