Amy Walter: Women Are Voting Against Trump, Not For Hillary

On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” national editor of The Cook Political Report Amy Walter said of the woman voters she has observed in focus groups supporting Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton were doing so more as “a vote against Donald Trump” than in support of Clinton.

Partial transcript as follows:

WALTER: I sat in a couple focus groups this other past week in Pennsylvania, the women there not happy with many of his past statements about women, but what they were the most concerned about was the issue of his overall judgment. I heard woman after woman saying I worry that he’s going to get us in trouble, meaning with the rest of the world. One woman said, you know, we know what an eye for an eye, how that works, and it usually doesn’t work out very well. So I think the concern for many of these women is not what his past was but what he’s going to be when he’s president of the United States. I think that that’s what you’re going to hear much more about from whether it’s the Clinton campaign or Democrats focusing on what is it going to mean if he is commander in chief and the president of the United States.

WALLACE: I’m curious, were they asked about the Clinton?

WALTER:  About — do you mean in the focus group what they thought about it?


WALTER: I think the perceptions of Hillary Clinton — let’s be really clear, these women even some were swing women voteers, some were Democrats they are not in love with Hillary Clinton. Right now their vote for Hillary Clinton is much more a vote against Donald Trump than it is a support of her.

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