Hugh Hewitt: Donald Trump Is A Disruptive Innovator

Monday on MSNBC, conservative commentator and national radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt said presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was a “disruptive innovator” in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Hewitt said, “I did have Reince on my radio show this morning. I agree with him—this campaign is so fundamentally different it’s hard to gauge who cares what about anything.  There’s a great book out there, it’s probably the most important business book of the last twenty years, by Clayton Christensen at Harvard Business School, called the Innovator’s Dilemma. It talks about the fact that sometimes customers are overwhelmed by disruptive innovators. Donald Trump is that. He has interrupted everything about this cycle. And media has trouble.

“President Obama and Hillary Clinton has trouble figuring out what to do with him as his opponents had trouble dealing with him throughout the primary. I am in agreement with  Reince Priebus, it is difficult to understand what the electorate wants. I will tell you I got off a plane in Cleveland a couple days ago to give a commencement address and a senior executive came over and said, my wife is with Trump and I’m with Trump and don’t you talk down to Trump people because we want an earthquake.”

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