Trump: Refugees Could Commit Next 9/11

This weekend on the National Border Patrol Council’s “The Green Line” radio show, while discussing Syrian refugees, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump when asked if a another 9/11 type attack is a possibility, Trump explained there could be people already in the country capable of carrying out another attack.

Trump said, “Our country has enough difficulty right now without letting the Syrians pour in, and again, we don’t know that they’re Syrians. We don’t know where they come from; we have no idea. They could be ISIS. They could be who knows, but we’re going to stop that immediately.”

He continued, “Bad things will happen. A lot of bad things will happen. There will be attacks that you wouldn’t believe. There will be attacks by the people that are, right now, that are coming into our country, because — I have no doubt in my mind. I mean you look at it. They have cell phones. So they don’t have money; they don’t have anything. They have cell phones. Who pays their monthly charges, right?They have cell phones with the ISIS flags on them and then we’re supposed to say, ‘Isn’t this wonderful that we’re taking them in?’ We’re led by people that are either incompetent or they don’t have the best interests of our country at heart.”

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