Violent Texas Road Rage Brawl Caught on Camera

A violent road rage incident in Houston, TX involving four people was caught on camera by someone at the scene, according to a NBC4i report.

The video shows a woman arguing with a passenger in a white car. As the woman turns to return to the truck, the passenger in the car threw a drink at the woman. The driver of the truck then kicked the white car’s grille.

The passengers of the white car stepped out, and began punching the driver of the truck. The woman began screaming and tried to break up the fight, which resulted in her being punched in the face.

She and the truck driver hopped in the truck, and they backed into the white car before driving off. The passengers of the white car jumped in and took off after the truck.

Per the NBC4i report, local deputies say there is currently not a record of a reported accident in the area.

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