GOP Rep Forbes: People Will Find True Story of Sailors Captured by Iran ‘Shocking and Appalling’

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Rep. Randy Forbes (R-VA) followed up on comments he had originally made in a Washington Free Beacon report regarding a group of U.S. sailors who were captured by Iran back in January.

Forbes said once the details were de-classified, the public would find the details “shocking and appalling.”

“I think what they will find is that this was done totally against international and maritime law,” Forbes said. “I think an in addition that I think they will find the whole situation of how we responded during incident and around that situation I think to be both shocking and appalling when they get all of the details out. That’s why we’ve encouraged members of Congress to actually get that briefing so they can see first-hand for themselves.”

Forbes added he couldn’t give details of what happened because it was classified, but said it would be concerning because of both what the Iranians did and the U.S. response to what had happened.

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