Megyn Kelly to Donald Trump: ‘Can You Go Four Years Without Threatening To Sue Anybody?’

Tuesday during her prime time special on Fox broadcasting, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly asked presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trumpif he could go four years “without threatening to sue anybody?”

Partial transcript as follows:

KELLY: Let’s talk a little bit about, um, litigation, because you, you have threatened to sue many people in the course of the campaign. But of course, if you wind up president, you are not gonna be able to do that either.

TRUMP: Well, you actually could…

KELLY: Can, can you go four years without threatening to sue anybody?

TRUMP: Well, what China has done to us has been … Maybe you do the world … You know, you do three … You know, you do have methods of suing countries, okay? It’s gonna be a busy law firm … No, no, it’s gonna be busy, but, uh, it’s a little different. And it’s also a tactic for me, it’s a business for me, and I’ve been successful, and I’ve, you know, used litigation. And sometimes I use it maybe when I shouldn’t, and sometimes I don’t.

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