MSNBC’s Maddow: Dems Might ‘Need To Be More Concerned’ About Party Discontent Than GOP, ‘Really Could Lose’ NV

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow stated that while most of the election coverage has focused on discord on the GOP side, “I have to wonder if it’s not the Democrats who might now need to be more concerned” while discussing the Nevada State Democratic Convention on Monday.

Maddow said, “This year we’re used to focusing on discord and discontent and division on the Republican side of the presidential race, but judging by what happened in Las Vegas this weekend, I have to wonder if it’s not the Democrats who might now need to be more concerned.”

She added, “The night ended in that hotel ballroom with reports of chairs being thrown at the front of the stage. Law enforcement came in, shut the whole thing down. The lights in the room ultimately got shut off by the venue. The next day, somebody chalked the outside of Nevada Democrats’ headquarters. Party Chairwoman Roberta Lange said she got death threats. The Nevada Democratic Party offices were closed today because of what they described as concerns about security, ugly, ugly stuff coming out of the Democratic Party in Nevada. … Democrats really could lose in the general election in Nevada if they don’t get it together. Nevada does lean blue, but it is still a swing state. … Democrats could use a little unity everywhere come November, but right now they are nowhere near getting it in Nevada, not nearly.”

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