Nevada Dem Chair Claims Getting Threats, Calls on Sanders to Apologize for His Staff ‘Feeding Into This’

Tuesday on CNN, Nevada Democratic Party chairwoman Roberta Lange claimed she is receiving harassment and threats from Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) supporters angry after the chaos at the Nevada State Democratic Convention and called on Sanders to apologize for his supporters’ actions.

Lange said, “Hi, Brooke. Yeah. I get threats every one to two seconds on my phone. On my email. On Twitter. On Facebook. It is endless. It’s gotten worse as time goes on and, you know, it’s awful. They have attacked my work where — my job here as a state party chair is volunteer. They have attacked the place where I’m employed. It’s a restaurant and gaming bar. They have posted on their Yelp bad things about the restaurant. They have attacked my husband. They have made a clone Facebook of my name and said awful things about my husband that looks like it’s coming from me. There’s no end to the threats and the vile comments that have been made.”

When asked if she believed Sanders had involvement in the chaos that ensued in Nevada, she said, “What I can say and what I know is that they had high level campaign people that were trying to incite their people going into the convention — during the convention, when the convention was going on, when the rules were passed, they had an opportunity to submit, you know, changes, amendments, and no one spoke to add an amendment before the rules passed. Look, the bottom line is this is a numbers game and the Clinton people turned out 98 percent of their delegates and Sanders people lacked almost 500 delegates, so it’s a numbers game. They didn’t turn out their people. The Clinton people turned out their delegates and that is the bottom line.”

She added, “Look, when — when staff people and the Sanders campaign is feeding into this, people feel empowered to behave this way. Not only were people talking when we were trying to run the convention and yelling and rushing the stage and throwing chairs and yelling for my death in the crowd, those are the kinds of things that have to be stopped… I’ve not received an apology. You know? I’ve not received anything from the Sanders campaign. I haven’t seen anything that said that this should stop, and it’s going to continue unless, you know, people are made to feel like this isn’t okay. This isn’t behavior that we should have.”

When asked if she wants an apology, Lange said,” I think he should apologize publicly for what happened in Nevada.”

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