Watch: Dem Rep Schiff Compares Trump to Dennis Rodman

Wednesday on MSNBC, ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) likened presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to controversial former NBA star Dennis Rodman, who has visited North Korea’s brutal dictator Kim Jong-un, because in an interview with Reuters, Trump said he would be willing to meet with the dictator.

Schiff said, “Well, it’s great news, I’m sure, for the North Korean dictator that all of the missile tests that he’s been doing, the threats of additional nuclear tests is being rewarded by Donald Trump saying that he will without precondition meet with this despot. I think it’s the wrong move and shows just what happens when your keen military advisers are the guys looking at you in the mirror every morning. It is now in combination with a variety of other statements that throw doubt on our relationship and leadership in NATO, throw into question our relationship with strong allies like Britain and embrace people like Vladimir Putin who has invaded his neighbors. a completely different direction for American policy. One that has both Democrats and Republicans alarmed and puts him in a statehood category, I think, along with the likes of Dennis Rodman.”

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