Bezos on Trump: ‘That’s Not an Appropriate Way for a Presidential Candidate to Behave’

Wednesday during an interview with Washington Post executive editor Martin Baron, Amazon CEO and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos criticized the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for threatening to go after Amazon’s taxes because Trump does not like the coverage he gets from The Washington Post.

Bezos said, “Most of the worlds population live in countries where if you criticize the leader you can go to jail. We live in the oldest and greatest democracy in the world, with the strongest free speech protections in the world and it’s something that we are, I think, rightly proud of. And it is, it’s critical that we are able to careful examine our leaders.”

He continued, “We want a society where any of us any individual in this country, any organization if they choose to, can scrutinize, examine and criticize an elected official — especially a candidate for the highest office and the most powerful country on earth.”

When asked directly about Trump’s comments, Bezos said, “That’s not an appropriate way for a presidential candidate to behave.”

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