Biden: ‘Let Bernie Run the Race’

On Wednesday in Ohio, Vice President Joe Biden answered reporters questions about the current battle for his party’s presidential nomination between front-runner Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

In the audio of his response that was played Thursday on CNN’s “Newsroom,” Biden declared Sanders should be allowed to run the race and that in the end, Sanders will support Clinton if she is the Democratic presidential nominee.

“Bernie Sanders is a good guy,” Biden said. “Bernie Sanders is a — I think we should, look, I think, let Bernie run the race. I’m confident that Bernie will be supportive if Hillary wins, which the numbers indicate will happen, and so I’m not — I’m not worried. There’s no fundamental split or anything in the Democratic Party.”

He added that in the event of any more chaotic episodes similar what happened at the Nevada Democratic convention regarding Sanders’ supporters, Sanders willhave to be “more aggressive” about speaking out about it.

(h/t Grabien)

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