Ryan: Trump Could Win, But I Won’t Bet on It

On a Politico podcast posted on Monday, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said while he is not a “betting man,” he does believe presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, with the right message,  could win the presidency in the general election this November.

Partial transcript as follows:

THRUSH: Do you think he can really win?

RYAN: Yeah, sure, of course I do.

THRUSH:  Would you put him — if you were a betting man, would you say he’s gonna win?

RYAN: I’m not going to — I’m not a betting man. I think if we get our party unified, and if we do the work we need to do to get ourselves at full strength, and if we offer the country a clear and compelling agenda that is inspiring, that is inclusive, that fixes problems, that is solutions-based and based on good principles, then, yes, I think we can win.

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