Kellyanne Conway Defends Trump on Clinton Attacks: Bill Clinton Lost His Law License

Tuesday on Bloomberg’s “With All Due Respect” on MSNBC, Republican strategist and pollster Kellyanne Conway defended presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump going after Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton’s involvement in her husband former president Bill Clinton’s mistreatment of women.

Conway said, “I don’t think he talks about where President Obama is born. He hasn’t done that in quite a few years. Vince Foster is sort of like a footnote to the real issues of the 1990s. Which is he’s responding in kind to Hillary Clinton saying he is not good for women—he is a sexist—he is a misogynist.’

She continued, “What I’m saying is 1990s, the main thing he’s talking about is Bill Clinton and women in the 1990s. You have a lot of people googling Paula Jones and $850,000. The last time I didn’t sexually harass someone in my workplace I didn’t pay them $850,000. So I think what people will focus on is this was a man in power and he was having affairs with subordinates in the White House. Sexually harassing a subordinate. Look the man lost his law license in the state of Arkansas. He was the governor and the president lost his license to practice law.”

She added, “I think Donald Trump continues to steal news cycles away from Clinton. She’s explaining more than she’s campaigning.”

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