McAuliffe: ‘Unfortunate’ that DOJ and FBI Leaked Investigation Info, DOJ Says No Indication of Wrongdoing on My Part

Governor Terry McAuliffe (D-VA) stated that it was “very unfortunate” that the DOJ and FBI leaked information about the investigation into him and that the DOJ told him there’s no indication of wrongdoing by him, and that he has had “no dealing” with the donor under investigation during an appearance on Washington DC’s WTOP on Wednesday.

McAuliffe said that it was “very unfortunate” that “institutions of integrity” like the DOJ and FBI leaked information and “should be held to a higher standard.” He added that the donor in question, Mr. Wang, was “fully vetted” and was allowed to give money to the campaign, and that he didn’t see why it was an issue, and that the DOJ told his lawyer that there was no indication of any wrongdoing on his part.

McAuliffe further stated that he didn’t have any personal ties to Wang, but that Wang is a good person, who he “probably met once or twice in my life, I’m not exactly sure.” McAuliffe added he had “no dealing” with Wang, and there was “zero chance” of a quid pro quo with Wang, and wouldn’t know him if he sat next to him.

When asked if he had discussed the investigation with the Clintons, McAuliffe answered, “Even if I had, I wouldn’t tell you.”

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