Man Confronted Panhandler About Driving New Pickup Truck

A Vancouver, WA man confronted a known panhandler recently after he saw the panhandler get into a newer Toyota pickup truck, according to a WWLP report.

Tattoo artist Jimmy Severs works across the street from where the panhandler sits and asks for money.

Severs said he became outraged when he noticed the man getting into the nice truck.

“Just to see somebody sitting out with a 2014, 2015 Toyota Tacoma holding a sign — just imagine how much money that guy has made in the months of sitting there, that I’ve personally seen him sitting there,” Severs said.

Severs confronted the man, and posted an explicit video of the confrontation to his Facebook.

The video has been viewed almost 80,000 times and has been shared over 1,500 times since being uploaded on Tuesday.

According to Severs, people should be careful when dealing with people asking for money.

“Don’t give them money. Give them something they need, if they need money for food and clothes, give them food and clothes,” he said.

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