Schweizer on Hillary’s Email: The Story Keeps Changing and It Doesn’t Make Sense

Friday on Fox New Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” while commenting on the State Department inspector general’s report that found Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton violated the agency rules by using a private email server during her tenure as secretary of state, “Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer argued her “story keeps changing” and that “it doesn’t make sense.”

Schweizer said, “Here is the problem, the Clinton’s story keeps changing and it doesn’t make sense. One of the points they made repeatedly is they did this for convenience purposes. She wanted to use the Blackberry for convenience purposes. She wanted to merge these account for the sake of convince. But as Mr. Lucas points out in his deposition, because of the way security is handled in the State Department and you have purposeful dead zones where blackberries can’t be used. Secretary Clinton when she was in her office had to leave the office to go into the hallway to send and receive emails. That’s not convenient. Again and again they shifted the story and I think it will continue to get worse as it circle tightens further on the Clintons.”

He added, “The story is shifting … Keep in mind  she deleted more emails than they kept. So they are trying to argue that she actually sent more private and personal emails than they did on official business. There are gaps on the emails that are released. Despite the claims they made, they turned over all the professional emails they had. We know there were emails from General Petraeus that she never turned over that were personal. So as we get into the details, the problem gets more difficult for her.”

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