Scarborough: Hillary Reaction to IG Report ‘Mind-Boggling’ — ‘She’s Just Not Telling the Truth’

Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough excoriated Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton for her continued denial of wrongdoing pertaining to her use of a private email server and her reaction to the investigator general’s report saying otherwise.

Scarborough called the reaction “mind-boggling” and said she was lying in her reaction to the IG report.

“That was mind-boggling,” Scarborough said. “The number of false statements contained within that – I mean, I don’t want to be, like, negative, I really don’t, but that was just mind-boggling. Does she not have anybody around her that can tell her that we have to stop lying about this because everything she said in there was just a lie. I mean, it was allowed by the State Department. No, it was not allowed by the State Department. Everybody knew in the State Department we were doing it. No. They said we didn’t know, but if we did know we wouldn’t allow her to do it. She goes on and on. She sent out directives in 2011 saying, ‘Don’t do it the way I’m doing it,’ basically. In 2009, there was a federal regulation as far as record-keeping goes, passed across the entire government. I mean Jim, I don’t understand. It just doesn’t—it doesn’t help her honesty and trustworthy. She’s just not telling the truth. And her own State Department said, ‘You’re not telling the truth.’ It would be better for her politically to say I screwed up and I’m really sorry. Why can’t they do it?”

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