Paul Manafort: Clinton Family Drama and History Is A Relevant, Fair Target

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Paul Manafort, the campaign chairman and chief strategist for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, said Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton’s husband former president Bill Clinton’s history and drama is “relevant” because he is part of the campaign and she has said he will have a large and possibly economic role in her presidency.

Partial transcript as follows:

KARL: I want to ask you about something else that surprised a lot of people, interview with the “Washington Post,” Donald Trump brought up the conspiracy theory that Vince Foster was murdered. Of course he also brought up allegations that Bill Clinton had committed rape back in the 1990s, are we going to see more of this? Is this the kind of campaign he’s going to run?

MANAFORT: He didn’t say that Bill Clinton had done that. He was referencing a woman who said that. That had a relationship with Bill Clinton. The point is, you know, trouble follows the Clintons everywhere. People are frustrated with all of the drama around the Clinton family and the history of the Clinton family. And certainly, if they’re going to be backing the political view, then their history is relevant to what the American people can expect. The point is Hillary Clinton is running a as team. He said she doesn’t want to handle the economic responsibilities of the job, he wants her husband to do so. The most important job the president has other than defending the country, she doesn’t want to participate in. Mr. Trump said okay, if she’s going to put off the economic portfolio to her husband, then the whole family’s up for discussion.

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