Joy Behar: ‘Crackhead’ Trump Realizes He’s in ‘Over His Head’

Wednesday on ABC’s “The View,” while discussing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s contentious press conference on Tuesday, co-host Joy Behar said Trump realized he’s “in over his head.”

Behar said, “I think that somewhere in his unconscious mind—it’s Freudian—he realizes he’s over his head. He’s getting closer to it and he’s getting it — I can’t do this job, I’m incompetent, I haven’t got the right experience … and he’s becoming paranoid and very like Nixon was, except Nixon was already president when he got paranoid. You know? Somebody this morning, Bill Carter on CNN was saying, he’s already got an enemies list that Nixon had. Look it up, the Watergate scalp scandal. He’s got an enemies list already, this one’s a sleaze, this one’s after him. He’s becoming like paranoid in a corner and I think partly he’s getting that he doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing.”

When North Korea’s praising of Trump came up she added, “You know what Chris Rock says, ‘Crackhead gonna crackhead.'”

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