Newt Gingrich: Establishment Exposed as ‘Really Sick’ — ‘Hillary Is Obama Plus Corruption’

“[D]onald Trump is the first genuine outsider in my lifetime to take on the entire national establishment in both the Republican and Democratic Parties,” Gingrich said. “And what’s beginning to be obvious is it is a huge establishment. And by the way, it’s a corrupt establishment. And it’s an establishment which pays off each other. And it’s an establishment with all sorts of inside deals. And so what’s beginning to come out is these guys are really sick. And Trump is really different.”

“Well, and part of it is not just Trump, but part of it is that when you get into these kind of fights, any reasonable honest person says give me the details and you suddenly look and go, what? I mean, over and over again, you find that Hillary’s at the center of a cesspool of corruption which runs from the Clinton Foundation to the State Department to the campaign machine in a way, frankly, in the tradition of the founding fathers is sickening. It is everything we had an American revolution to get rid of.”

Gingrich went on to say this was “a remarkable test” of where the country is and offered his definition of what Clinton was.

“Hillary is Obama plus corruption,” Gingrich added.

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