Parents Upset After Seeing Video of Student Passing Out on Hot Bus Ride

Parents at a school in Everett, WA after school bus footage was released of an April incident on a hot school bus that resulted in a girl passing out, a Fox 8 report says.

With temperatures topping out around 80 degrees, the driver reportedly refused to let children open the windows to cool down.

The children pleaded with the driver to put the windows down, but she refused as they told her one of the children had passed out.

“Why can’t we just open the windows?” one student asked the driver.

“Because the alarms will go off,” the driver replied.

“I don’t care, she could die,” the student responded.

Multiple students got sick during the incident, which has caused the driver to be removed from her route.

According to the school official criticized the driver’s actions, saying there’s no rule in place that prohibits opening bus windows.

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