Stephen A. Smith on Lack of Diversity in NBA Ownership: ‘I’m Sick of This’

On the Thursday broadcast of “First Take” on ESPN2, ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith reacted to an article by ESPN “The Undefeated” writer Marc Spears that laments the “bleak outlook” for blacks in NBA executive positions.

Smith called the lack of diversity in the NBA a “disgrace,” adding that “it’s about time” someone brought it up.

“I’m sick of this. This is a disgrace. It is very, very uncomfortable. It is something I have been speaking about for quite some time. It is something that has been going on for quite some time, and considering the history that the NBA has where Richard Lapchick has consistently voted the NBA, in terms of diversity issues, with A’s and A-pluses. The fact that the NBA has allowed this situation to regress to this stature is incredibly alarming to me,” Smith said.

He continued, “Let’s just call it what it is. The brothers aren’t usually getting hired, and that’s really what this comes down to.”

Smith later said white executives have an issue with him speaking out on the lack of diversity around the league.

“There are white executives who have a problem with the noise that I’ve been making. They don’t realize that I’m connected. I’m very, very connected in NBA circles and I always hear the noise. They don’t know this, but they know now.”

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