Trump Vows If He Wins Presidency, His AG Will Take a ‘Very Good Look’ at Hillary’s Emails

During a speech at a campaign rally in San Jose, CA, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said if he were to be elected president this fall, his attorney would have to “take a very good look” at his prospective opponent Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton’s email set-up while she serving as secretary of state.

Trump told the rally goers he would be fair and that what his AG would be looking to investigate would fall within a five-year statute of limitations.

“I love our country and I don’t believe our country can let her get away with this crime,” Trump said. “I don’t believe it, so we will see. You know what, if they do let her get away with it,  it will be a big topic of conversation on the campaign trail. I can tell you that, folks. Then if I win, it’s called a five-year statute of limitations. If I win, everything is going to be fair, but I’m sure the attorney general will take a very good look at it from a fair stand point, OK.”

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