Maher on Megyn Kelly’s Trump Interview: ‘It Was a Profile in Cowardice’

Friday, HBO’s Bill Maher ripped Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly on his show “Real Time.”

Maher said Kelly asked presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump “one tough question” and the “stupid media” anointed her a “genius,” adding that her profile on him was “in cowardice.”

“Megyn Kelly asked [Trump] one tough question at the debate. One tough question, and then the stupid media anoints her as a genius because she asked one tough question. For months he’s just belittling her. ‘She’s on the rag, she’s an idiot, she’s a bimbo, her ratings are terrible,’ then she comes begging him for an interview where she says nothing was out of bounds. You know what was out of bounds? Journalism. She didn’t ask one tough question. It was a profile in cowardice,” Maher stated.

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