Nicolle Wallace: If Anti-Trump Mob Happened on a College Campus, the Whole Nation Would Convene to Protect Kids

Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” show regular Nicolle Wallace, a former adviser for George W. Bush and John McCain’s presidential campaigns, said the reaction would be different if what had happened last night at the Donald Trump rally in San Jose, CA, where protesters physically attacked supporters of Trump, had happened on a college campus.

According to Wallace, had that been the case, it would be a national effort to find a solution.

“This was one woman facing a mob,” she said. “Take politics out of it. If this happened on a college campus, the whole nation would convene this morning to figure out how to protect kids from a mob. This was a mob attacking a single person for simply exercising her right to support — I’ve never seen this before. Hecklers are a more common political interruption. But this violence directed toward a supporter is another new development.”

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