Trump: Media Focused on Trump University and Not ‘Crooked and Dishonest’ Clinton Foundation

Monday morning on Fox New Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump defended his responses to media questions by asking why the focus is on Trump University and not the “very crooked and dishonest” Clinton Foundation.

Trump said, “I don’t accept, they bring it up. When they bring it up I respond to it. But I respond top the bad economy. I respond to a lot of things going wrong in this country. I respond to the very crooked and dishonest big league, maybe criminally dishonest Clinton Foundation, with the money they took in, the horrible money they took in. And then he goes around or she goes around and makes speeches, and the favors that were done. Nobody really looks at that stuff. You’re talking about big league stuff. The money that comes this and pours in from foreign countries and she’s secretary of state. The whole thing is a horror show. Now I talk about that, people don’t pick that up, they pick up this. It’s amazing.”

He continued, “I don’t emphasize it. When I sit down for Face The Nation and John Dickerson, a good guy, asked me a question and the first question is about this — and then the second and third question are about this. And then I sit down for Jake and the first question is this and the second and third question also are this — you know, you have to respond.”

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