Marc Lamont Hill: ‘Worst Thing’ Hillary Could Do Is Ignore Donor Controversy

Morehouse College Professor and CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill reacted Saturday on “CNN Newsroom” to the donor controversy surrounding Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton after the report surfaced that she appointed major Clinton Foundation donor Rajiv Fernando to a State Department “sensitive government security advisory board,” despite Fernando having no experience in the field.

Hill said “the worst thing” the Clinton campaign could do is ignore the controversy, adding that the campaign needs to publicly address it.

“I think that the statement is insufficient. I think she’ll have to actually publicly address it on the campaign trail, but then I think she moves on. She’s had a considerable amount of momentum over the last week from Elizabeth Warren to President Obama to Joe Biden, and Trump continues to double down on his own comments about the judge, Judge Curiel. So when those things are happening, she’s in a place of strength, and I think the worst thing she could do is ignore this and allow it to build up, where it looks like a bigger deal than it is,” Hill said.

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