Ryan on Trusting Trump: It Depends on the Issue

Wednesday on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) said his “trust” in presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump “depends on the issue.”

When asked if he trusted Donald Trump, Ryan said, “Look, I know the press likes these kinds of questions. We have a binary choice, a liberal progressive Democrat named Hillary Clinton, or a Republican named Donald Trump. I prefer the Republican over the liberal progressive Democrat. That’s the choice we’ve got, that’s the choice the voters in the primary gave us. That’s the choice in front of us. It is binary and obvious to me.”

When pressed if he trusts Trump again, Ryan added, “Like I said, depends on the issue, some things we don’t agree on, some we do. We have to learn to work together in a separate but equal branch of government to work on these things. And I know and believe that yes, he will be more likely to support things that we believe, and values, the principles, solutions that we are calling for. And I know for a fact that Hillary Clinton won’t.”

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