Trump: Hillary ‘Has Always Misread Everything’ — She Misread Brexit

Friday during a press conference in Scotland, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump criticized his likely general election opponent presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on the heels of the the Brexit, which Trump said had been misread by Clinton.

Partial transcript as follows:

REPORTER: Back to — back to the Brexit thing. You said that David Cameron maybe misread the mood of his country. Given that President Obama came over here and tried to encourage people to vote remain, and Hillary Clinton has made it clear she preferred they vote remain, what do you think this says about how Hillary Clinton maybe has misread the world, and since she’s a former secretary of state, what does that say about her campaign?

TRUMP: Well, She has always misread everything.


I mean — no, if you think. She has misread this. And I was surprised that she was so bold and to say — well, the only reason she did it is because Obama wanted it. You know, if Obama wanted it the other way, if he said leave, she would have said leave.

She does whatever he wants her to. Now, you know why, but that’s OK, we don’t have to get into that. But — but I actually was actually very surprised that President Obama would have come here and he would have been so bold as to tell the people over here what to do, and I think that a lot of people don’t like him and a lot of people voted — I think if he had — if he had not said it, I think your result might have been different.

But when he said it, people were not happy about it, and I thought it was totally inappropriate. And when I said what I said, I told people, I said, don’t do I’m saying necessarily, do whatever you think, but this was just my opinion.

He came in and really tried to convince people to stay. And I thought it was inappropriate, and then she doubled down and she did the same thing. And obviously, for the 219th time, they were wrong. They’re always wrong. And that’s the problem with them.

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