Gingrich: Hillary’s Experience Qualifies Her for Retirement

On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s “experience” qualify her for “retirement.”

Gingrich said, “She was wrong on Brexit. She wanted the remain vote to win. She was wrong on Libya. she thought it would get better if we knocked of Gaddafi. She was wrong on the reset with Russia. What has she been right about? You need more of this kind of experience? It’s a little bit like Casey Stengel asking if anybody at the Mets could play the game. There’s no reason to believe that Hillary Clinton’s experiences qualify her for anything except retirement.”

He added, “Experienced failure? She’s experienced going to Goldman Sachs to make secret speeches for lots of money. They are experienced at having secret meetings as secretary of state — I think a 170 have been unearthed by the Associated Press, that were secret meetings with donors. Most corrupt system we have seen. I don’t know that’s the experience that this fall is going to work very well.”

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