Paul Ryan: I Might Have Voted For Brexit

Monday on WGTD’s Morning Show, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) said if he was a citizen of the United Kingdom he might have supported the Brexit vote saying, “I clearly relate to the thinking behind the Brexit vote.”

Ryan said, “Well I think it’s going to settle down. I believe it was a bit of a surprise and a shock to the global financial system  and therefore you are seeing this kind of reaction. That reaction is not surprising to me. I do believe the reaction will be processed and things should settle down. That’s point number one. Point number two — I cant say I’m suppressed because people want self-government, they want sovereignty, they want self-determination. And I can’t say that I would feel differently if I were a citizen of Great Britain when you have people from other countries regulating your country, writing your laws. It is so foreign for us as Americans to even think about the concepts that somebody or some official in Brussels, in another country, would be writing our laws and changing our sovereignty.”

“So as an American it’s so foreign. We believe in sovereignty, in self-government, government by consent,” he continued. “So I clearly relate to the thinking behind the Brexit vote, behind leave. But having said that what is important for us as Americans, at least as an official such as myself,  is to show solidarity with the people of Great Britain, to demonstrate that they are still our ally, our indispensable ally, our special relationship is intact. So that we can continue to have a peaceful landing here, a smooth landing, so we can sort of settle down the jittery markets, because we don’t want to see economic turmoil as a result of this.”

(h/t The Hill)

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