Andrea Mitchell: ‘No Smoking Gun’ About Clinton In Benghazi Report, But ‘There Was a Failure of the State Department’ To Protect US Facilities

On Tuesday’s “MSNBC Live,” MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell said that while there’s “no smoking gun” about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “there was a failure of the State Department to properly protect” US facilities before the Benghazi terrorist attack.

Mitchell said, “I don’t see evidence of anything further than what we already knew about her role, in terms of, there’s no — there’s actually no evidence that it was she making the orders from the State Department, she was present for that meeting that Denis McDonough — she was the highest ranking person present. But there’s no evidence that it was she, it was probably mid-level State Department people, or higher-level State Department people who were with her on her team expressing those concerns. And so, there’s no smoking gun at all about Hillary Clinton. And in fact, what we knew was that there was a failure of the State Department to properly protect, and the failure of the military to properly protect, going into the 9/11 window, key facilities, in an area that had already been evacuated by all of our allies.”

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