Trump: Terrorists Dream At Night Hillary Will Become President

Friday at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, CO, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said terrorists like the Islamic State (ISIS), who chop off heads and drown people, dream at night of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton becoming president of the United States.

Trump said, “We are not allowed to waterboard right? We can’t waterboard. They are allowed to chop off heads, they are allowed to drown people. I said the other day they go home and they are together, and they just chopped off 50 heads,  drowned 400 people and then they say, ‘In the United States they don’t allow waterboarding.’  They think we are so stupid. They think we are so weak. They have no respect for us whatsoever. And remember, the only thing they understand is strength. They don’t understand kindness. They don’t understand political correctness. The only thing they understand is strength and toughness. And we are weak. We’re weak. And Hillary is as weak as you get. Hillary is a weak person she is a a weak person and they will not understand Hillary. They want her to get in so badly. The last person they want to see become president of the United States is believe me, Donald Trump. I can tell you that that is the last person. They have dreams at night and their dreams are Hillary Clinton becomes president of our country. Believe me.”

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