Gary Johnson: Trump Says ‘Racist’ Things

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson said presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump says “racist” things.

Johnson said, ‘He has said a hundred things that would disqualify anyone else from running for president but doesn’t seem to affect him, and just turn the page and here is the page turned and now we have another reason that might disqualify a presidential candidate. That statement in and of itself — it really is—it’s racist.”

He added, “When it comes to Mexican immigration and that he would call immigrants from Mexico murderers and rapists, look, that’s just not true. They are more law-abiding than U.S. citizens. That’s a statistic. They’re not taking jobs that U.S. citizens want. The stuff he is saying is incendiary.”

When asked if he believe Trump is racist, Johnson added, “Based on his statements, clearly. If the statements are being made, is that not reflective of — I mean, if you look up the definition of “racism,” calling a U.S. born Hispanic a Mexican and his inability to judge others, I think I am now semi-quoting Paul Ryan here.”

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