Sherrod Brown: Hillary Indictment Over Emails Unlikely

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) said he thinks it is not likely that presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will be indicted as a result of the FBI investigation into her use of a private unsecured email server during her tenure as secretary  of state.

Partial transcript as follows:

RADDATZ:  First, Ohio Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown joins me from Cleveland, a Clinton supporter. And Senator Brown, I want to start with you with the major news this weekend. Are you worried at all about possible indictments coming from this case?

SEN. SHERROD BROWN (D), OHIO: I’m not really, thank you, Ms. Raddatz, for — for the question and for having me on the show. I’m not worried about it. I see what Secretary Clinton has done. She has — she’s released 55,000 pages of emails, 31,000 different emails. She’s released her tax returns since 1977. She’s released her health care records. She’s always been willing to talk to authorities.

I think what the story is missing is all that we don’t know about Donald Trump. He won’t release his taxes. We don’t have his real health care records. He hasn’t filled in any of the blanks in what he’s going to do. We see every week or two, we see another story of a small business that went out of business because Donald Trump…

RADDATZ: Senator Brown, I want to stay with these e-mails.

BROWN: I understand. But that’s a contrast we need to make. Go ahead.

RADDATZ: I know you want to make the contrast, but I want to stick with the emails. You sort of dismissed the possibility of indictments. They’ve been investigating this since.

BROWN: I answered your question.

RADDATZ: They’ve been investigating this since August. You really don’t think any indictments are possible?

BROWN: I don’t think that will happen. I gave you my answer. I don’t think it will happen. But I think the story needs to be that, in part — I’m not telling you how to do your job, of course, Ms. Raddatz.

RADDATZ: And please call me Martha.

BROWN: Certainly look at what Hillary’s done. What’s that?

RADDATZ: Please call me Martha.

BROWN: OK, I’ll call you Martha, fine. I just think that, you know, we certainly it’s your job to explore all that you can about Secretary  Clinton. But it’s also our jobs, including the Clinton campaign, to find out more about Donald Trump. And I think the more we know — elections are about contrasts — I trust Hillary Clinton in part because for a whole lot of reasons, in part, because I know how she started her career advocating for the Children’s Defense Fund. She didn’t do off to Manhattan or to Washington to make a lot of money. And I think she’s followed that through the course of her career. And I think that is part of the story, too.

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