Axelrod: We’re Going to See a Very Negative Campaign From Now Until November

Tuesday on CNN’s “New Day,” former Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod explained how he sees the 2016 presidential race unfolding between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, given that both of the candidates have such high negatives in the polls.

Axelrod said he expected to see an emphasis on not only the vice-presidential selection of both candidates, but the conventions as well.

“Both of these candidates have negatives that are higher than any nominees than we’ve seen,” he said. “And so it actually puts some attention on the vice-presidential selection, yes, but also the conventions, which are the last big chance before the debates to command a large audience and tell your story in an unfiltered way. And I think both of them are going to try and use their conventions to tell a positive story. But at the end of the day, John, I have to believe that we’re going to see a very, very negative campaign from now until November.”

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