Kristol: Contesting Trump Nomination at GOP Convention ‘a Genuine Grassroots Effort’

Thursday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol argued that efforts to undermine presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s path to the Republican presidential nomination at the party’s convention later this month would be a “genuine grassroots effort.”

“It is David against Goliath — it is Trump and the Republican establishment putting a huge amount of pressure on these delegates,” Kristol said. “But this is — people like the idea of grassroots, democracy in America. This is a genuine grassroots thing. A high school teacher in Colorado, Kendal Unruh decided this was the right thing and they have studied the rules and history except for ’76. In ’76, the Gerald Ford forces affirmatively acted to buying the delegates. That suggests if you don’t affirmatively act to buy the delegates, they are free. That’s why there is a convention. That is why there is multiple balance.”

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