Matalin: GOP Establishment Created Trump by Being ‘Unresponsive’ To Their Base

Sunday, on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” political consultant Mary Matalin said the Republican Party created presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump by not being responsive to base voters.

Matalin said, “Donald Trump is — did not come out of the head of Zeus, okay? The party created him by being unresponsive to the party’s demands and the success of tsunami midterms, which wanted to have some sort of reform/repeal of Obamacare, wanted to reduce the overreach of government, wanted a more robust economic recovery, wanted the cessation of the intrusion into their life by all these regulations. That’s what’s going on in every community out there, and Donald Trump is just riding that wave. And he — and you’re not wrong about there being — but their rhetoric, of both of them, is detached. That’s now how people live.”

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