GOP Sen Mike Lee: Ginsburg Attack on Trump ‘Calls Into Question Her Basic Judgement’

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “The Real Story,” Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) discussed Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg calling presumptive republican presidential nominee Donald Trump a “faker,” adding her comments were “wildly inappropriate” and “called into question her basic judgement.”

Lee said, “It was a huge, huge error on her part. This was wildly inappropriate and it reflects a certain lack of bias. It also portrays a sense in which a lot of these Supreme Court justices, at least, are no longer even hiding behind the bench, they are wearing their political views on their sleeves. This is very problematic on many levels.”

He added, “The mere practical implications of this issue are significant on two levels. First, it is not at all impossible that we could end up with a Bush v. Gore type dispute at the end of the election cycle, I think this statement raises serious questions about whether she would have to recuse herself in such a dispute. Secondly, assuming Mr. Trump wins in November, it would beg the question whether any kind of litigation making its way to the Supreme Court, involving Mr. Trump’s policies, his actions as president of the United States, would themselves trigger a recusal obligation. Hence, why I find this so disturbing, why it is so out of character for Supreme Court justices to do this. Look, I’ve disagreed with her on a number of rulings. I disagreed with her decisions to constitutional-ize all kinds of things that are not in the Constitution. This called into question her basic judgment, which has been respected by many up until this point.”

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